Which Lock Can I Put On My Window

Putting extra security on your windows is not only essential to help preventing burglaries but should an unfortunate incident like this happen then it could make the difference when it comes to insurance payouts.

There is a large variety of window types so when it comes to extra security for windows the question is often asked, Which lock is suitable for my window. Here is a quick guide to what type of window locks there are out there in the marketplace and which would be suitable for your type of window. 

Catchments windows

These are windows that open outwards. Either at the side or a small section at the top. They can be made of wood or UPVC and are usually double glazed.

Catchment window swing lock

Catchment window swing lock

Catchment window swing lock in open position

Catchment window swing lock

Catchment window swing lock in closed position with lock.

A catchment window swing lock is a small lock that comes in two parts. The swing lock itself is attached to the window and the other part is attached to the frame. This has a lock that when undone will allow a small section of the lock to swing out and release from the metal part that is attached to the window, then allow you to open the window. These locks are fairly small and unobtrusive yet very effective. These types of locks are more suitable for wooden outward opening catchment windows.

UPVC window locking handles

UPVC window lock

Locking handle for UPVC window

For UPVC catchment windows generally the most common type of lock is the one that comes attached to the handle itself. This will be a small button on the handle which the key is put into and turned allowing the button to then be pressed and the handle to be turned to open the window.

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