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UPVC door locking mechanism repair

UPVC door not locking

Locking mechanism damaged preventing the door from locking. The customer Stanmore noticed that the door lock was a bit stiff the previous evening. By the next morning when he went to open it was jammed shut and would not open. Luckily the customer and his family still could leave and enter the house through the back door. After all the usual checks by the locksmith the fault was found in the locking mechanism which had broken internal levers. The locking mechanism needed to be replaced.




UPVC door internal locking mechanism repair stanmore

UPVC door internal locking mechanism

UPVC specialist locking mechanism repair

Side view of UPVC door










Can I fix my UPVC door myself ?

You can potentially fix the problem yourself, if you think a lock is simply jammed. This would then save you the cost of hiring a professional locksmith. There are many techniques you could try to repair a UPVC door, including:

Lubricating the hinges and locking bolts using WD40 or GT 85 to reduce door stiffness

Lower and lift the door handle and check that the bolts are all sliding simultaneously. This will ensure that the internal door mechanism is working correctly.

Lock and unlock the door from the both sides to see to check the locking cylinder and that the key is not jamming at a particular entry point.

Check if the door handle and locks work correctly when the door is open. This will tell you if it is a door alignment issue or not.

If none of those tricks are useful, then you will probably need to call a professional locksmith that specialises in uPVC door repairs.


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