Multi-Locking Door Repair Stanmore HA7

upvc door alignment stanmore

UPVC door handle not locking in open position

Our engineers were called out to a large estate in Stanmore place where the customer could not lock her door which had a multi locking mechanism installed. After looking at it the locksmith assessed that the door was not locking because it had become unaligned and so when the customer tried to lock the door after pushing up the handle to the lock position she could not turn the key.

This was because of the weight of the door which had caused it to tilt down. The locksmith proceeded to realign the hinges pulling the door back to its original position. But this was not enough to fully solve the problem. The metal keeps on the door frame had to be removed and reinstalled to align with the bolts when the door was locked. The work on the hinges and the door keeps combined was enough for the door to swing into the correct locking position when closed.


upvc door alignment stanmore 3

Hinge taken off adjusted to realign multilocking door

upvc door alignment stanmore

Metal keeps on door frame realigned to help bolts lock

upvc door alignment frame stanmore

Door frame bolt keeps

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