Which Lock Can I Put On My Window

Putting extra security on your windows is not only essential to help preventing burglaries but should an unfortunate incident like this happen then it could make the difference when it comes to insurance payouts.

There is a large variety of window types so when it comes to extra security for windows the question is often asked, Which lock is suitable for my window. Here is a quick guide to what type of window locks there are out there in the marketplace and which would be suitable for your type of window. 

Catchments windows

These are windows that open outwards. Either at the side or a small section at the top. They can be made of wood or UPVC and are usually double glazed.

Catchment window swing lock

Catchment window swing lock

Catchment window swing lock in open position

Catchment window swing lock

Catchment window swing lock in closed position with lock.

A catchment window swing lock is a small lock that comes in two parts. The swing lock itself is attached to the window and the other part is attached to the frame. This has a lock that when undone will allow a small section of the lock to swing out and release from the metal part that is attached to the window, then allow you to open the window. These locks are fairly small and unobtrusive yet very effective. These types of locks are more suitable for wooden outward opening catchment windows.

UPVC window locking handles

UPVC window lock

Locking handle for UPVC window

For UPVC catchment windows generally the most common type of lock is the one that comes attached to the handle itself. This will be a small button on the handle which the key is put into and turned allowing the button to then be pressed and the handle to be turned to open the window.

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UPVC Door Repair Specialist in Stanmore HA7.

UPVC door locking mechanism repair

UPVC door not locking

Locking mechanism damaged preventing the door from locking. The customer Stanmore noticed that the door lock was a bit stiff the previous evening. By the next morning when he went to open it was jammed shut and would not open. Luckily the customer and his family still could leave and enter the house through the back door. After all the usual checks by the locksmith the fault was found in the locking mechanism which had broken internal levers. The locking mechanism needed to be replaced.




UPVC door internal locking mechanism repair stanmore

UPVC door internal locking mechanism

UPVC specialist locking mechanism repair

Side view of UPVC door










Can I fix my UPVC door myself ?

You can potentially fix the problem yourself, if you think a lock is simply jammed. This would then save you the cost of hiring a professional locksmith. There are many techniques you could try to repair a UPVC door, including:

Lubricating the hinges and locking bolts using WD40 or GT 85 to reduce door stiffness

Lower and lift the door handle and check that the bolts are all sliding simultaneously. This will ensure that the internal door mechanism is working correctly.

Lock and unlock the door from the both sides to see to check the locking cylinder and that the key is not jamming at a particular entry point.

Check if the door handle and locks work correctly when the door is open. This will tell you if it is a door alignment issue or not.

If none of those tricks are useful, then you will probably need to call a professional locksmith that specialises in uPVC door repairs.


Areas we cover and services

Canons Park garage door repair

Pinner emergency lock replacement

Kenton 24 Hour Locksmith

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Aluminium Frame Glass Door Lock Repair North Finchley

adams rite hook lock

Screw in rim cylinder lock repair

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Door closer installed in Friern Barnet N12

wooden door metal door closer friern barnet

Door Closer to automatically pull door shut

Door closer in Friern Barnet. This door closer was installed on the entrance in a small block of flats where there were a set of heavy wooden double doors. Door closers are used in cases where there is an entrance which is used several times a day by many occupants and it is essential that the door automatically closes and locks every time it is used. An automatic door closer does exactly that. After being opened the spring arm which is placed at the top of the door pulls the door shut at a slow speed so that it does not slam but firmly enough so that the lock engages. The speed of the closer is adjusted to suit the weight of the door.

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Tilt and Turn Window Repair in Barking IG11

Tilt and Turn Window

Tilt and Turn Window Repair in Barking IG11

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UPVC door handle repair in Harrow

upvc door handle repair Harrow

Multilocking UPVC patio door and handle

The customer called us out requiring a locksmith in Harrow to repair the UPVC patio door handle that was not lifting into position to fully lock the door. When shutting a UPVC door the handle has to be pulled up fully for the door to be locked. If the Key is not turning all the way round in the cylinder to lock the door when the handle is up then the chances are that the handle is not up all the way even though it may seem to be. This means that when the door is in the closing position that for some reason the bolts are not fully extending when turning the handle. This requires alignment of the door, possibly needing the hinges or the bolt keeps on the frame to be adjusted.

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Multi-Locking Door Repair Stanmore HA7

upvc door alignment stanmore

UPVC door handle not locking in open position

Our engineers were called out to a large estate in Stanmore place where the customer could not lock her door which had a multi locking mechanism installed. After looking at it the locksmith assessed that the door was not locking because it had become unaligned and so when the customer tried to lock the door after pushing up the handle to the lock position she could not turn the key.

This was because of the weight of the door which had caused it to tilt down. The locksmith proceeded to realign the hinges pulling the door back to its original position. But this was not enough to fully solve the problem. The metal keeps on the door frame had to be removed and reinstalled to align with the bolts when the door was locked. The work on the hinges and the door keeps combined was enough for the door to swing into the correct locking position when closed.


upvc door alignment stanmore 3

Hinge taken off adjusted to realign multilocking door

upvc door alignment stanmore

Metal keeps on door frame realigned to help bolts lock

upvc door alignment frame stanmore

Door frame bolt keeps

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